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Be Our Guest, Join Us This Tuesday & Network With Some Of The Quakertown Areas Finest Small Business Owners & Professionals!

Why Quakertown Business Networking Group?

Every Tuesday morning, you have the opportunity to both get to know and learn from some of your fellow area small business owners and professionals. Our goal is to build a stronger community through a platform for our small businesses and professionals to build relationships while sharing ideas, capabilities and experiences.

We are a completely open group, meaning we do not limit the number of professionals that represent any one category, or limit your participation to just this networking group. Again, our goal is to provide an atmosphere to help all our area business owners and professionals build relationships and grow.

In addition to open networking before and after our meeting, each week every attendee has 30 seconds to introduce their products or services to the group, commonly know as an elevator pitch. (meaning if you cannot explain your proposition to a stranger before the elevator reaches its destination your pitch is probably too complex and not compelling)

You will find our membership costs are kept to a minimum and used in support of additional events to grow our businesses and support our community. A first year membership is $50 with renewals each year thereafter of $20. In addition you pay $5 for each meeting you attend. If you choose to purchase breakfast items at the meetings, you can do so directly from the restaurant at your cost. We invite anyone to attend as a visitor for 2 meetings completely free of charge by grabbing a FREE PASS above.

How QBNG Can Help You:

  • Strengthen your presence within the community
  • Broaden your sales contacts
  • Provide you with a new stream of qualified buyers for your product or service
  • Give you new ideas for sales and marketing
  • Provide you with support and ideas to solve problems as you grow your business
  • Increase word-of-mouth business & referrals


We Welcome You & The Opportunity To Learn More About Your Business!